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Our dedicated staff and top of the line facility are all designed around making your experience quick, comfortable, and easy.

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Dental Health

A healthy smile leads to a healthy life! Come in for a dental cleaning and ask our hygienist about simple changes you can make to improve your dental hygiene.

Enjoy your new
dazzling smile!

From Invisalign and crowns to full implants and veneers, there are many options available to change your smile.

Providing custom treatment plans for each patient

Come in for an evaluation and we'll design a custom treatment plan based on your history and lifestyle needs.
Everyone is different, so why treat everyone's mouth the same? Our dentists and hygienists will take the time to answer your questions and help you understand which treatment options would be best suited to your lifestyle and needs.



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Our doctors are all nationally licensed and receive continuing education courses to keep up with the latest in dental technology.

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Providing comprehensive dental services


Teeth Whitening

Come in for a session of ZOOM teeth whitening. Most visits are done in about an hour while you kick up your feet and relax.


Fillings and Crowns

Do you have pain or sensitivity to hot or cold? Come in for an exam and x-ray before that tooth gets infected!



Crooked, cracked or missing teeth? Change your smile with a set of veneers and get a complete smile makeover!


Night Guard

Grinding at night? A custom formed night guard will protect your teeth from expensive cracks and breaks.



Invisible braces are here! Come in for a consultation and one of our specially trained doctors will walk you through the process to a straighter smile.


Simple Extractions

Have a problem with a wisdom tooth or molar? Simple extractions are just that, simple! Don’t suffer any longer than you have to.

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